Base Plate


The Base plate is the foundation of the Monkey Latch™ system.  It is the fastest system on the market today.   The Base Plate is easily secured to the camera base and does not interfere with the battery or SD card slot on most cameras. All current products work with the Base Plate. All future products will work with the Base Plate. Get one and let it become part of your camera you will not be disappointed.
Monkey Latch™ Base Plate:

Easily secure the Base Plate to your camera via the tripod screw mount. Compatible with most digital cameras (mirrorless, SLR, DSLR, video recorders).

The Monkey Latch™ Base Plate provides an audibleclick when the base plate is engaged with any Monkey Latch mount.  When you hear the click you know your camera is secure.  

For added stability when you are using a tripod we have added a lockout on the side of the Base Plate.  This removes any movement in the system - providing the stability required during a long capture.  

The Base plate includes a soft rubber pad on the back side to provide protection when installed against the base of your camera.  

Attachment points are included on the side of the base plate to allow you to customize how your Base Plate works with your system.


  • Body - Molded AA380 aluminum
  • Back plate - Stamped stainless steel

Allen key:
Allen key included for easy install of Base Plate onto camera.

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