We believe in our products that we will provide a lifetime warranty on all the products and components.

If for any reason there is a failure of the products under "normal use" please do the following:

  • Contact us
    • Include the product name that failed
    • Image of the failure

We will make sure that it gets resolved quickly so that you can be back to using our system asap.

The warranty does not cover scuffing, scratches, dings, scrapes, etc. anything that would be classified as 'aesthetic'. Those are called battle scars and they build character.

Liability Release

We have designed and built the Monkey Latch System and all components to work well with almost any camera, tripod or accessory, and we believe our products are well built and extremely safe. Monkey Latch is not liable for any damage caused to equipment, cameras or anything associated with the product due to the use of the Monkey latch system. Monkey Latch is also not liable for any bodily harm or injury to yourself or others during use of the product.


Any questions regarding the warranty should be sent to info@monkeylatch.com